FriendsFest V
September 29, 2007

Middlebourne, WV--
Alumni Weekend in Middlebourne, as it turns out, significantly diminishes the turn-out for FriendsFest.  Perhaps that, coupled with WVU's loss the Southern Florida on Friday night dampened the otherwise festive spirits of typical FriendsFest attendees.  Either way, not a soul who was present could have voiced even the shadow of a complaint.  The weather was perfect, the food divine (especially what BOFA grilled up on the former conveyor belt turned hibachi), and The Phisbins were, well, The Phisbins.  Aside from the music, they provided a big jar of grape bounce and a sack of considerably optimistic fortune cookies.  These were not purchased at The Jug (top right), but at the Exxon in Powhatan Point.  Igor's (below) tent (middle right) proved to be, once again, an outstanding stage.  In the picture below Igor's tent, Billy is plucking a tune on Big Red who in her time served The Phisbins well.  Beneath Billy, a small gathering in Lou and Cindy's back yard was a nice way for Arch and Tammy to catch their breath and take a break from all the work they put into making FFV the success that it was.  FFVI ought to be a hoot, and it's only 361 days away.




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