Mountain Music and Jam Festival
August 4, 2007

Pennsboro, WV--
When we first were asked to play this festival sometime in late 2006, we were excited about it.  As the time approached and we were able to check out the line-up of performers, we started feeling like we were to serve merely as, to borrow from Igor, the plot scenes of a porn flick  (i.e., we were to be the buffer between what people really wanted to see).  As it turns out, it really didn't matter.  The entire audience was only about 200 strong, and we played at the same time another band played, so most of the crowd stayed at the other stage to check out a horn section among other things.  Who can blame them?  I wish I would have seen them myself.  There were a few, however, who ventured over to Stage 1.  Phisbins Head Coach and Driver of the Winnebego Phil Stewart's fine display of photojournalism to the right might actually lead you to believe that we were a draw. Of those who stopped by, nearly all stayed to catch our entire set.  So it seems, like Ed and H.I., we must have our good points, too.

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