The Boardwalk
June 30, 2007

Deep Creek, MD--
The "round bar," as locals call it, was the first place we played in Deep Creek back in 1998.   It was almost 9 years ago, and super bartender Stacey (top right) remembered us.  Luckily, because nobody remembered to tell her that there would be live entertainment in the bar tonight.  We were more than a little concerned when Igor called and told us that nobody was expecting us, but when Stacey told us to go ahead a set up, all was well (middle right).  Brian "Scruffy" Connelly was along for the ride.  His resonator guitar gives the Phisbin sound a variation in flavor to be sure.  However, he sucks at rolling up G.G.King's rug.  Tim gave him a brief tutorial (bottom right).  I have a feeling that the next time Brian's with us, he'll be rolling up that rug like he's been doing it for as long as we have.  We had a great time playing for the folk at The Boardwalk, and Stacey claimed she'd be singing our praises for weeks.

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