The Black Bear Tavern
February 3, 2007

Deep Creek, MD-
We have yet to find a place we like better than the Black Bear.  Even in below-zero weather  and steady snow showers, there was nary and empty seat.  The music was so-so, but the food looked delicious (as usual).  The ever-photogenic Kathy Hall (top right) was happier to pose for a quick pic than was her sister Carla, who claimed to have food in her teeth at the time and refused to smile, much to the chagrin of anyone hoping to see hot chicks on our website (not mentioning any names, Jerry).

The world gets smaller and small the older we get.  In the pic below Kathy is a BVA graduate, Joe Russo, and his ol' lady.

In the third pic from the top is Kurt Cowan and his best man, Richard.  The future Mrs. Cowan, Denise, would have been in the seat between these two ugly mugs, but nature called.

The bottom pic is of a couple who is also from back home, so to speak.  The cocktails that Carla (you remember Carla?) whipped up have interfered in the recollection of their names.  They caught us playing at Primanti Brothers a few years back and decided that enough time had elapsed for them to recover from that experience and maybe it's time to give us another listen.  They promised to stay in touch this time.  We're expecting an email.


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