The Rose of McArdles
March 13, 2003

White Oak, PA--
     March 13, 2003 marked the third annual Rose of McArdle's pageant.
     As always, McArdle's owner Jim Booker was in his prime.  Throughout the evening, he had no trouble rounding up viable contestants for the grand event.
     The new Rose would be the girl who did the best job telling an Irish joke and making an Irish toast.
     Stephanie (top right, pictured with Phisbins agent Nancy Lackner and her drunk friend Sue) would ultimately win the crown, but Stacey (middle) gave her a run for her money.
     Please click on Stephanie's Guiness sitting in front of her to hear her acceptance speech.  For more fun, click on Stacey's microphone to hear her joke.  If you haven't had enough yet, click on either Phisbin (below right, with Nancy) to see Jim's rendition of the Mr. Rogers classic "Won't You Be My Neighbor."

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