The Archer/Smith Wedding
September 6-7, 2002

Sistersville, WV-
What an affair.  The Phisbins arrived at the Wells Inn while the wedding party was at the church rehearsing.  We set up, showered up, and joined the party for an exquisite meal. After dinner, the wedding party and other guests moved out into the courtyard for a little mood music under the stars.  Later that night, hotel management had to ask the Phisbins to call it a night.  Typical rock star mumbo jumbo.  The next morning, after a dip in the hotel pool, The Phisbins and Pony Boy took in 18 holes at St. Mary's Golf Club, wet their whistles at the Sistersville Elks, napped, and then performed in the courtyard again for the reception.  The parents of the bride (center) and the parents of the groom (bottom)  were lives of the party, but nobody had as much fun as the couple of honor (top, after the bride got into something a little more comfortable).
If you want a real treat, click on the picture of the groom's parents for the best introduction the Phisbins have ever been given.

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