The Fenwick
July 20, 2002

Lebanon, PA--
After driving for 3 1/2 hours, taking a 2 hour walk through the streets of Harrisburg, playing 9 holes of golf and eating 2 dozen pork chops, The Phisbins took the stage at The Fenwick.  Lori and Brendan (middle right...the bread in that sandwich) recruited some lively friends and family to shake it while the unusually upbeat music rolled sweetly throughout the joint.  It was a long day, yet it was a fun day, and it was capped off wonderfully by a slumber in Lori's clean, cool, and convenient town house.  The town house wasn't big enough for the entire entourage, so Pony Boy (bottom right) had to find another place to rest his bones.  Everyone made it home alive, and we're looking forward to The Fenwick in 2003.

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