May 14, 2002

Greensburg, PA --
Perhaps we're just misunderstood at Manhattan's.  Either that, or the younger crowd wants to hear younger tunes.  Either way, this two-hour gig feels like an eternity to get through.  You see, idiots like us thrive on feedback.  Requests, applause, occasional toe-tapping, or maybe even just a glance usually let us know that we're not imposing.  This crowd notoriously ignores us, though, and we have no idea as to whether our PA system is functioning or not, for example.  Toward the end of the night, however, Jane (bottom right) and company finally noticed us when we played our only original song  (the family nature of this website forbids mentioning the song title here).  Tim's fellow soccer-dad Jim (right center) seemed to enjoy the Phisbins, offering about the only applause heard all night.  For that, we thank you, Jim.

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