May 10, 2002

White Oak, PA --

Mixed emotions filled the air on this Friday night.  Sam Winslow (a.k.a. Slammin' Sammy from Alabammy) worked his last shift for his uncle, McArdle's owner Jim Booker.  He is off to North Carolina to work at the Jolley Roger at mile post 7 in Kill Devil Hills.  You MUST stop in and say hello if you're anywhere near there.  But make sure you do so before September, because this move is temporary.  Sam and Jim are enjoying a cocktail together while listening to the sweet sounds of the Phisbins (right center).  Former BVA students Christie Cope, Erin Booher, and Kelly Uchlevich (right bottom) also had a great time. 

The only obvious shortcoming this particular evening was Tim's voice, which he apparently lost either that day or the day before.  Other than that, it was quite a gig. 

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