Black Bear Tavern
April 20, 2002

Deep Creek, MD --

It's always nice to be back in Deep Creek, MD.   One of the main reasons is because the people there make you feel right at home. 

Take Hope and Kevin, for example.  When the debate broke out as to whether the Phisbins ever played Puff the Magic Dragon or not, they were ready to provide testimony that not only have we played it, but we played it at the Blackbear two years ago when they were there to see us. 

Since that time, Kevin and Hope tied the knot.  Congratulations.  The second picture down on the right was taken two years ago, and the third was taken April 20, 2002.  Rather than wearing a wedding ring, Kevin just wears that hat all the time now...the "M" stands for "married."

By the way, the fella they were debating with is in the picture at the bottom of this page.  If you'd like to hear him sing, click on his tongue.

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